On June 4, Anousheh Ansari will give a speech within the frames of Kyivstar Business Hub. An Iranian-American business person will tell about how she managed to degree, achieve colossal success in business and fulfill the dream in her new home.

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Anousheh's dream was so ambitious and overwhelming, that immensely purposeful businesswoman has managed to build a successful and dynamic business for the sake of achieving it. At the same time the flight itself was not only the most exciting and memorable event in the life of Anousheh Ansari, but also gave a huge impulse to the development of space tourism worldwide.

She became the first Muslim woman in space and wrote the book "My Dream of Stars: From Daughter of Iran to Space Pioneer", in which she described her impressions and details of her space trip from preparation to landing of shuttle.

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How Dreaming Big Transformed an Industry!
Anna Petrova

co-founder of Startup Ukraine and KyivWorking

Anousheh Ansari

co-founder, chairwoman and CEO of Prodea Systems. The first space women-tourist

Kyivstar Business Hub
Место проведения
Киев, ул. Горького, 102-104
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